Terms for PZtech Suppliers



Trailers and shipping containers must be properly loaded. Spilled material will not be salvaged. It will be deducted from the weight of the shipment. If material has been spilled in the trailer, a charge of $50 per hour may be assessed for extended cleanup necessitated by poor packing or transportation. This does not include small amounts of ordinary spillage. This term is designed for significant losses of material or unloading time due to poor loading or transportation.  

Our receiving hours are from 8 AM to 2 PM Eastern Time Monday through Friday. If we have not been previously notified as to the specific date of the shipment, we will always endeavor to expedite unloading but it is possible that drivers will have an extended wait unless we are expecting the shipment. We can also unload during later hours by prior arrangement.

All material shipped to our facilities must be properly packaged in Gaylord boxes or super sacks. The boxes will not be returned typically unless by prior arrangement. Using low-grade pallets, boxes or bags to ship material to us could result in additional charges or offsets.

PZtech Is not responsible for damages to trailers during the unloading process if the trailer has been improperly loaded or there are spills occurring during the transportation that make downloading of the material difficult.

We reserve the right to challenge the quality of material within 10 days of receipt.

PZtech prides itself on customer & supplier relations.  We will not arbitrarily enforce these rules but we must maintain standards to keep our employees safe and healthy and to remain compliant with all local, state and federal regulations.  Thank you for your understanding.

Containers (such as drums, buckets and IBC totes): 

We do not accept hazardous or toxic materials, as defined by the US Department of Transportation, EPA or Indiana Department of Environmental Management. When a supplier sends us these types of prohibited materials, they will be refused at the dock or will be disposed of by a hazmat facility at the supplier's expense, at the sole discretion of PZtech.


RCRA empty containers are not sufficient for acceptance by PZtech. All containers previously containing hazmat materials must be triple rinsed and labeled or marked as such.

In order to keep our employees safe and healthy, all IBC totes, drums and buckets sent to PZtech must be opened, not sealed, and must still be labeled as to the prior contents.  Do not remove labels or any contents may be treated as hazmat unless we can identify the prior contents.

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