PZtech services recyclers and industrial businesses.


PZtech is not a recycler in the sense that we neither accept or collect materials from the public for recycling.  Instead, we are designed to provide services to recyclers to help them turn the materials they have collected into feed stock ready for use by manufacturers.

Typically, recyclers and industrial suppliers will bring us shredded or baled materials often contaminated by other materials or dirt.  PZtech then:

  1. Resizes the material through a series of shredders and granulators;

  2. Washes the plastic several times as we separate plastics by their relative densities;

  3. We remove all contaminants;

  4. We separate remaining plastics by their type of resin and color.

  5. We package the material in clean FIBC super sacks or lined gaylord boxes; and,

  6. Finally, we extensively examine samples of the finished material in our state of the art Quality Control Lab in order to provide accurate data on the final material.